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The fair use of aluminum profile extrusion die

The service life of aluminum profile extrusion die has become the major bottleneck of aluminum industrial development in China. The design work and fabricating cost of aluminum profile extrusion die occupies 20% of total cost of production. It is one of the key technology of aluminum extrusion industry. It refers to the texture, design, manufacture, inspection, mold repair and management. And its also one of the promising market.
So how to make the fair use of those kinds of molds, we can do it as follow:
Strictly implement the the production rule of aluminum extrusion When aluminum rod furnace starts up, the middle part temperature should be set between 530-550℃, and end part temperature should be set between 480-500℃. Make sure the soaking time is enough. And to avoid the temperature varies from external part to the internal part because that situation will lead to transformation of the mold and what’s more it will lead to the plastic deformation of the mold and then it will be scraped.
The three centers must be regarded as one center
The centers of container, extrusion steam and die holder must be regarded as one center. Or otherwise it will influence speed of each procedure. What’s more, it will influence the production or even lead to the greater uneven length of the two opposites and stop the extrusion production.
Making reasonable selection of the supporting pad
(4) The factory must select the two-hold supporting pad to avoid the transformation of the under mold. And to make sure the extruded product in good forming stability and in little size change. And that preparation of this two-hold supporting pad must be before drawing a charge to make sure the mold would not be jammed by being cooling to much. Strengthen the feedback of aluminum extrusion processing
A: the feedback of plugging an extrusion die
The reasons can be various, people without specialized training can not figure out easily. Its better that the professional technicist inspect it and find out the reason thus repair the mould.
B:the feedback of ejection of compact and shaping up
It requires that the stub bar must be with the clear number of mould and flow direction of the whole processing.
C:the feedback of the size being out of tolerance.
When ejection of compact is normal but with size being out of tolerance, the technicist must choose one sample and mark correctly. One mistake can lead to the error of repairing the mould. Thus the technicist must pay high intension to it.
(5) Only charging the feedback of the service condition can do good to the correction and and maintaining. And only in that way can increase efficiency of maintaining and decrease the frequency of maintaining or otherwise testing a new mould.