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6063 aluminum extrusion profiles and heat treatment process

For extrusion production, the extrusion temperature is the most basic and the key technological factors. Extrusion temperature on product quality, production efficiency, mould life, energy consumption and so on all have a great influence.
Extrusion is the most important problem is the metal temperature control, heat from ingot to extrusion profiles quenching are intended to ensure that the soluble phase organization does not precipitate from solution or small particles dispersion precipitates.
6063 aluminium profiles ingot heating temperature is generally set the Mg2Si precipitation temperature range, the heating time has important influence to the precipitation of Mg2Si, using rapid heating can be greatly reduced the time may precipitate. In general, the heating temperature of 6063 alloy ingot can be set as follows: not even the ingot casting: 460-520 ℃; Homogenizing ingot: 430-480 ℃.
The unit is in operation depending on different products and extrusion temperature pressure to adjust the size. In the process of squeeze casting in the deformation zone is the temperature change, as the aluminium extrusion profiles process is completed, the temperature rising of deformation area, and with the increase of the extrusion speed. So in order to prevent extrusion as the extrusion process and deformation zone temperature increases, the extrusion speed should be gradually reduced.

Extrusion speed In the process of extrusion, it must be serious extrusion speed control. Extrusion speed of deformation heat effect, deformation uniformity, solid solution and recrystallization process, products, mechanical properties and surface quality of the products all have important influence.

The extrusion speed too fast, can appear products surface pitting, crack, etc. Increased the extrusion speed too fast at the same time the deformation of metal is not uniformity. And the types of the outflow rate depends on the extruded aluminium profiles of the geometry shape, size and surface condition.